Photo: Lance Stephenson/Twitter

Lance Stephenson, the seasoned guard awaiting another NBA opportunity while currently showcasing his skills with the G League’s Iowa Wolves, has unveiled his top five players of all time.

In an interview with Sam Yip of HoopsHype, Stephenson acknowledged the challenge of compiling such a list.

“Man, this is hard. A lot of people get mad,” Stephenson expressed, reflecting on the difficulty of selecting just five players from the vast pool of basketball legends.

“My Top 5, I’m just going to do position-wise… no I’m not. So Kobe [Bryant], [Michael] Jordan, no order, LeBron [James], Tim Duncan, Shaq[uille O’Neal]. That’s my starting five right there.

“I know there gonna be a lot of argument of who gonna shoot the ball, but I think they’ll figure it out and actually beat everybody that everyone else picks.”

Stephenson’s lineup boasts an array of iconic basketball figures, spanning different eras and positions, each renowned for their unique contributions to the game.