Photo: Phoenix Suns/YouTube

During a conversation with ESPN’s Malika Andrews, Kevin Durant discussed the chance of concluding his professional basketball career with the Suns. However, he didn’t provide any assurance or certainty that such a scenario would indeed unfold.

Durant had requested a trade to Phoenix in February of the previous year. When Andrews inquired about whether it would be his ultimate destination in the NBA, Durant expressed his enjoyment of being in the city without committing to it as his final stop.

“I’ve been on so many teams and I’ve said this before,” Durant responded. “Right now, in this moment today, without thinking about it in the next minute, yeah. But that’s just saying right now. I can’t really predict what may happen, but I love playing in Phoenix. I love the fan base, the city.

“I’ve grown to understand what our mission is being in the Valley and how deep these people care about their team. I started to understand the history of the Suns, and I’m glad to be a part of it. I want to go up in that Ring of Honor someday, so however long that takes.”

Durant remains bound by his contract for an additional two seasons, with his free agency not looming until the summer of 2026, at which point he will be 37 years old.

Despite his advancing age, he continues to perform at an All-Star caliber and conveyed to Andrews his aspirations of extending his basketball career beyond the age of 40. Durant also shared insights into how his perspective on the game has evolved with age.

“Winning, I don’t even have to think about that no more because when I step on the floor that’s just in me already,” Durant said. “I tend to think about the other detailed parts of the game that’s going to help me get to the win.

“How to be a great teammate, how to inject myself into the game at different moments. I started to think about the small parts of the game, and that’s just made it more fun for me.”