Photo: YouTube

Former NBA teammates Patrick Beverley and JJ Redick engaged in a heated exchange over recent comments made about Milwaukee Bucks head coach Doc Rivers.

Redick’s criticism of Rivers, stemming from their time together on the Los Angeles Clippers, centered on what he perceived as a lack of accountability.

Expressing frustration, Redick stated, “I’ve seen the trend for years. The trend is always making excuses. Doc, we get it. Taking over a team in the middle of a season is hard… it’s always an excuse. It’s always throwing your team under the bus… there’s never accountability with that guy.”

Amid the Bucks’ struggles under Rivers, Redick’s remarks sparked controversy within NBA circles, prompting Beverley to defend the coach.

Taking to X, Beverley reminded Redick of Rivers’ role in his career, stating, “This Man Doc actually saved your career. Started you when no one else wanted 2. And u retire go on TV and say that.”

In response to Beverley’s defense of Rivers, Redick countered with details of a lucrative offer he received from another team. Rejecting the notion that Rivers “saved” his career, Redick asserted, “Pat my guy I had a four year offer with player option for the same money to be a starter for a different team. FOH “saved my career.””

Beverley, undeterred, pressed Redick further, questioning why he didn’t accept the offer if it provided an opportunity to secure a starting role. Implicitly challenging Redick’s loyalty to the Clippers, Beverley remarked, “Why didn’t u take it then? U was comfy in your role with team. And don’t just say LA.”