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Phoenix Suns superstar Kevin Durant has expressed a keen interest in being involved with the iconic NBA franchise, the Seattle SuperSonics, as talks of the team’s return to the league gain momentum.

Durant, whose NBA journey began with the SuperSonics, has voiced his eagerness to contribute to the revitalization of basketball in Seattle.

In a recent interview on Boardroom, Durant emphasized the significance of the SuperSonics’ legacy within the NBA and highlighted the positive impact of having an NBA team in the city.

“Without a doubt. Without a doubt,” Durant said. “I feel like that franchise for one is iconic brand within the NBA. I feel like that market is basketball market that needs the influence of an NBA team in that city so that the city could aspire that city and produce more and more basketball players.”

Reflecting on his personal connection to the SuperSonics, Durant expressed pride in his association with the franchise and conveyed his belief in its eventual return to the league.

He emphasized the role of an NBA team in inspiring aspiring basketball players and fostering a vibrant sports culture within the city.

“I believe that if the city has has NBA team, you’ll get more and more kids aspire and want to become NBA players as opposed to not having a team. And it’s a franchise I played for, so I have some pride for,” Durant continued.

Expressing his aspirations beyond his playing career, Durant revealed his dream of contributing to the SuperSonics once he retires from the game.

“I believe it will be back, I believe it will be part of expansion in the league,” he said. “To help run the team and help guide the team as they come back to the league, I would absolutely love that. When I retire, that’s a dream come true. That’s probably one of the only things that I would really lock in like I was playing again. It would feel close to that.”