Photo: Indiana Pacers/Twitter

Indiana Pacers center Myles Turner has endured a constant barrage of trade rumors throughout his NBA career, often finding himself linked to teams like the Los Angeles Lakers.

Despite the perennial speculation, Turner remains firmly entrenched with the Pacers, now in his ninth season with the team.

This season marks a rare exception, as Turner has not been the subject of trade talks leading up to the deadline, offering him a respite from the usual whirlwind of rumors.

When asked by Sam Yip of HoopsHype about his relief from trade chatter this season, Turner humorously remarked on his lingering anxiety.

“[Chuckles] Honestly, I still got PTSD from that, so I really didn’t even feel super secure at that,” Turner replied. “I was kinda expecting at least a rumor or something here and there, but I’m just very fortunate to be in the same position. A little bit… I guess you can say that. I think it was just more of that we had a more clear-cut idea of the direction we were going with so it made it easier for me.”

This season, the 27-year-old Turner has been a solid contributor for the Pacers, averaging 17.2 points, 6.9 rebounds, and 1.3 assists per game in 27.4 minutes of play.

Despite the trade rumors, Turner remains committed to the Pacers, with one more year left on his current two-year, $49.9 million contract.