Photo: Indiana Pacers/X

Indiana Pacers center Myles Turner believes that Pascal Siakam has been a huge help since being traded from the Toronto Raptors back in mid-January.

(via Indiana Pacers):

Reporter: “What has the addition of Pascal done for you specifically in the frontcourt? How has him and just his offense been able to open yourself up and open your game up?”

Turner: “A lot. The biggest thing is the rebounding. I think that he’s someone who really wants to get in there and mix it up. Makes my life easier when I’m boxing out the biggest threat, and someone can come in there and grab it. Offensively, he has such a dynamic game down in the low post and it puts teams in a bind. If you double team him, we got five shooters out there, someone’s going to make the right play. If you don’t, he’s going to score. So more than likely the five is going to be guarding me who’s going to be their rim protector, and my ability to space the floor just opens up a lot of space for him to operate and the rest of the team. So, he’s definitely done wonders for me. I’m looking forward to his style of play into the playoffs, because it definitely bodes well, that halfcourt style of play, and he’s someone who can shoot and get out and run as well. So, it was a great fit for us at a really crucial time.”