In a tumultuous turn of events, Detroit Pistons center Isaiah Stewart was arrested for assault after reportedly punching Phoenix Suns center Drew Eubanks at the arena hours before the teams were set to face off.

Stewart’s altercation with Eubanks occurred prior to their scheduled game, leading to Stewart’s arrest by Phoenix police.

According to Eubanks, the confrontation unfolded as he was entering the arena, resulting in a heated exchange that escalated into physical violence. While Eubanks reportedly suffered a minor injury, he was able to play in the game.

Following the incident, Pistons head coach Monty Williams, who previously coached the Suns, addressed the matter cautiously. Refraining from making definitive statements, Williams emphasized the need for a thorough investigation before drawing conclusions.

Williams stated, per Mike Curtis, “I can’t. I know there were some statements put out. The thing for me, is to get all of the information and make sure I’m clear on what happened. The NBA will do an investigation.

“I’ve talked to Stewie. He shared with me what happened. Our people have talked to him and they have information, but for me to come here and make a statement, that would be a bit irresponsible.”

Expressing concerns about premature judgments, Williams criticized the Suns’ statement labeling the incident as “unprovoked,” highlighting the importance of gathering all relevant facts before making official statements.

He added, “I think that is irresponsible for them to do that when you really don’t know because two sides are giving their story. I think until you find out everything, you can’t make those statements.”