In the aftermath of Detroit Pistons center Isaiah Stewart’s arrest for assaulting Phoenix Suns center Drew Eubanks, Suns star Kevin Durant weighed in on the incident, urging a focus on the game amidst the controversy.

The two-time NBA champion emphasized the importance of maintaining camaraderie within the league, expressing disappointment over the pre-game altercation that led to Stewart’s arrest.

Durant stated, “Keep the game first. There’s a lot of noise,” reflecting on the disruptive nature of the incident and its impact on the basketball community.

Despite acknowledging the occasional tensions that arise, Durant stressed the need to prioritize the game and move past the incident.

“It’s unfortunate what happened before the game, it’s supposed to be a brotherhood,” he said. “But I also understand, dudes get into stuff. We try to avoid that in this league, hopefully we can move on from it. We all support Drew.”

As the league and authorities investigate the altercation further, both Stewart and Eubanks may face disciplinary actions depending on the outcome of the legal proceedings.