Photo: Atlanta Hawks/X

Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young explained why he prefers to shoot deep three-pointers following Friday’s 125-104 road win vs. the Toronto Raptors (38 points/5 rebounds/11 assists/1 steal/15-29 FG/7-15 3-PT/1-2 FT/+14 +/-).

(via Atlanta Hawks):

Reporter: “When you’re shooting that logo three, what do you see? I know Clint [Capela] set up for tonight, he set up with the screen. But, what do you see and how do you feel the defense?”

Young: “It’s a rhythm thing. A lot of people don’t want me to shoot it… or when it doesn’t go in, people don’t want me to shoot it. But when it goes in like it does tonight, people love it. It’s something that I’ve been doing since I was in high school, maybe even middle school, because I was always on the wing and I was smaller than guys, so I had to scoot my range further and further out while guys got taller. So when I shoot deep shots, it’s not necessarily out of my range; it’s kind of in some ways more comfortable for me because I have space and I can see the rim and I just know I need to bend my knees a little bit more to maybe get some more distance on the shot. But in some ways it kind of helps me because I can see the rim more than when I get closer to the three, and then their bodies are a little closer to me and I’ve got to shoot up over them. So, sometimes it’s good for me to shoot those.”