Photo: Chicago Bulls/Twitter

Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas is urging the Los Angeles Lakers to fortify their offensive arsenal, with Zach LaVine emerging as his prime candidate to add scoring depth to the team.

In a candid discussion with Shannon Sharpe, Arenas emphasized the pressing need for the Lakers to ease the offensive burden on LeBron James and Anthony Davis, asserting, “We need another scorer. We need someone to take the pressure off. Right now, for the most part, we’re playing two on five.”

Arenas proposed a strategic trade scenario, outlining a deal that would send Taurean Prince, Rui Hachimura, and D’Angelo Russell to the Chicago Bulls in exchange for Zach LaVine.

“The trade could happen: Prince, Rui, D-Lo – that’s $39 million [in salary]. Zach LaVine’s a 40. Swap them,” he said.

In his assessment, Arenas drew a distinction between LaVine and DeMar DeRozan, acknowledging both as formidable players but arguing that LaVine’s skill set aligns better with the Lakers’ current needs.

While acknowledging the Lakers’ reported interest in DeRozan, Arenas maintained his preference for LaVine, citing the latter’s three-point shooting and athleticism as pivotal assets that align seamlessly with the Lakers’ offensive strategy.

“I like LaVine because he can spread the floor, he can attack the rim, he got his lob. You don’t lose with it, but if you need more shooting, I’ll take DeMar. But since I don’t, I want to take Zach LaVine, so he can open up the floor more for LeBron and AD,” expressed Arenas.