The Los Angeles Lakers etched their name in history with a monumental victory in the inaugural NBA In-Season Tournament, defeating the Indiana Pacers 123-109 in the final.

Anthony Davis’s extraordinary performance, boasting 41 points and 20 rebounds, led the Purple and Gold to an unforgettable triumph.

In addition to Davis, LeBron James contributed 24 points and 11 rebounds, and a standout performance from Austin Reaves off the bench, who scored 28 points.

“We made history. Any time you’re on the right side of history, you take it… First In-Season Tournament belongs to the Los Angeles Lakers. That will never ever be topped. Ever,” James declared postgame.

LeBron’s proclamation underscores the Lakers’ historic achievement, solidifying their place in basketball history with a victory that, according to James, is unparalleled and destined to stand the test of time.