Shane Larkin Anadolu Efes Fenerbahce
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Anadolu Efes finds a silver lining in newcomer Tyrique Jones, who is making a significant impact and recently earned his first MVP award.

In his role as the team leader, Shane Larkin embraces Jones’s emergence, highlighting the team’s shift from being an older, more experienced group in recent years to a slightly younger, more athletic one this season.

The team relies on Tyrique to consistently deliver in every game. The Panathinaikos match was particularly beneficial for his development, showcasing his abilities against one of the EuroLeague’s top centers.

Larkin emphasizes the importance of Tyrique’s continued growth and his role as a key player for the team’s success.

“We were an older, more experienced team the last few years,” Larkin said. “This year, we are a slightly younger, more athletic team. We need Tyrique to do this in every game.

“The game against Panathinaikos was great for his development. He showed what he could do against one of the best centers in the EuroLeague. His stats were great. He must continue to develop and be our safety.”