Photo: All Things Mavs/Twitter

Dallas Mavericks forward Derrick Jones Jr. recently explained why he’s feeling more confident with his jump shot/overall game this season (career-high 41.5% 3-PT & 9.8 PPG).

(via Dallas Mavericks):

Reporter: “Obviously you’ve worked on your shot. Have you done anything materially different? Did you work with anybody in the offseason to get your shot to where it is right now?”

Jones: “Nah, it’s just me trusting my shot a lot more and me being a lot more confident in my game, just going out there and playing free. This is probably one of the first times in my career where I have not the green light, but I have a light to where it’s, ‘Take the shot when you’ve got an open shot and play basketball, be a basketball player and don’t defer and don’t go away from who you are.’”