Photo: YouTube screenshot

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver joined SiriusXM NBA Radio on Tuesday night, engaging in a conversation with Justin Termine and Eddie Johnson. Among the topics explored was the concept of a two-night NBA Draft, and Silver indicated that this is the direction the NBA is moving toward.

“We’re working on it. And it’s something that we have to continue to work through with our network, ESPN and ABC, which broadcast the draft. And then, of course, with the Players Association,” Silver said.

Silver expressed the view that the current late-night scheduling of the NBA Draft is unfair to both players and teams. He pointed out that players such as Nikola Jokic and Draymond Green, who were second-round picks, missed the opportunity to have the spotlight on them. The commissioner also highlighted the importance of providing teams with a chance to reset before the commencement of the second round.

“The other advantage to moving the second round to a separate night just gives more time for the announcers like you guys, the media, to have a better understanding of who those players are. A little bit more time between picks to talk about who they are and why they make sense for those teams,” Silver said.

“Also, maybe even more importantly, gives our general managers the opportunity to reset after the first round and say, alright, this is where we stand. We got this player we were hoping to get. We didn’t get that player. Let’s re-assess what our needs are. Maybe there’s been some surprises in the first round. Take a fresh look at those pool of players going into the second night. So like, I’m hoping to get there actually for this season, for this June, and move the second round to its own night.”