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Indiana Pacers head coach Rick Carlisle says that players and coaches need to start doing a better job (lost 114-110 vs. the Portland Trail Blazers on Monday at home).

(via Indiana Pacers):

“We have got to mature as an entire group, and I put myself in the whole thing with everybody else. I’m not pointing fingers, it’s us, it’s us in that locker room. There has to be just an all the time level of urgency; and we haven’t demonstrated it. We were in some ways fortunate to survive the Detroit game. We did a great job in the fourth quarter, but really just allowed them to hang around, they had the lead during a lot of portions of that game. So we’ve just got to decide, we’ve just got to decide. A lot of the guys are young. A lot of the guys haven’t gone through this kind of a year with real expectation, and so I’ve got to help them with it, our staff has to help them with that. We’ve got to give them the truth without sounding like we’re preaching all the time. I’ve been around this long enough to know that a coach’s voice can only be heard so much of the time, and so I’m trying to give them the right messaging at the right times; but I’ve got to do a better job.”