In a game where Paul George delivered a team-high 34 points, frustration marred the Los Angeles Clippers’ encounter with the New Orleans Pelicans, with the star player expressing discontent with the officiating.

Andrew Greif of the Los Angeles Times reported George’s sentiments, revealing the player’s ongoing frustration with the referees.

Having already faced fines this season for criticizing officiating, George voiced his displeasure, saying, “It’s frustrating for a guy who constantly gets hit, whether it’s jump shots, attacking a basket.”

George’s frustration comes after earning only three free-throw attempts during the game. He emphasized the challenges he faces.

“It is just frustrating,” he said. “It’s deeper than what honestly I can answer to be honest because if I answer it, I get fined for it. And it continues. It’s a continuous thing that happens.

“So honestly, quite frankly, I don’t know honestly what else to do. You try to be aggressive to go make plays and I guess you got to be perfect.”