Photo: Legion Hoops/X

De’Aaron Fox couldn’t help but be amazed by Steph Curry’s physical condition after working out with him this past summer.

(via Sacramento Kings):

Jonathan Bradley: “We saw you at Steph’s charity event possibly hitting the links or just out there, but we also saw you doing some training with him this summer as well. That’s a guy that you’ve faced off against countless times in your career; talk to us about how that relationship has evolved.”

Fox: “It’s continued to grow really on and off the court. Obviously, giving me little things that I can work on. And then working out with him: He’s different, it’s ridiculous. I’m like, ‘Yo, I’m cramping in my arms.’ Conditioning wise I was fine, but my arms were tired. While everybody else is getting tired; he’s still going 9 for 10, 10 for 10, it’s ridiculous. The type of condition that he’s in is crazy. You have to be insane to do the things that he does.”

Jonathan Bradley: “Wow, that’s incredible.”

Fox: “It’s challenging just going through a workout with him, for sure.”