Photo: Brooklyn Nets/Twitter

Mikal Bridges, the defensive standout for the Brooklyn Nets, recently shared insights into the challenges of guarding elite NBA players like Paul George, Luka Doncic, Jayson Tatum, and Steph Curry in a candid conversation with Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report.

When asked about defending George, Bridges emphasized the need to stay close, acknowledging the Clippers star’s lethal shooting ability. “You can’t be too aggressive because he’s gonna get the foul call. Make him make tough shots,” Bridges explained.

On the topic of Doncic, Bridges highlighted the need for a cautious defensive approach, saying, “Same thing fouling-wise, don’t even dare. He’s too smart. He plays slow his gears, going slow to fast and back to slow to fast again.”

Transitioning to Tatum, Bridges praised the Celtic star’s finishing skills and craftiness, particularly in setting up plays like pick-and-rolls. “His in-and-out is nasty,” Bridges added.

When discussing the challenge of guarding Curry, Bridges emphasized the intense focus required. “You guard any superstars, especially Steph, like, you’re locked in. Like, he got the ball, you’re like zoned in, you’re locked in,” Bridges described.

He humorously recounted moments when Curry’s unexpected moves led to defensive lapses, resulting in a rueful look from the coach and a quick acknowledgment of his mistake.