Photo: NBA/IG

Lakers guard Austin Reaves shed light on a distinctive aspect of his superstar teammate, LeBron James, highlighting the enduring positive energy that defines the 38-year-old, the oldest player in the NBA.

“The one special thing about Bron is … I’ve never really seen him in a bad mood,” Reaves said, per Michael Corvo.

Despite being the league’s oldest player, James maintains a youthful vibrancy, acting as if he’s “20 every day,” according to Reaves, a testament to the NBA icon’s remarkable energy and approach to life.

LeBron’s unwavering positivity extends beyond his personal disposition, as Reaves noted that James approaches the game with the same enthusiasm, regardless of the opponent, showcasing a timeless passion for the sport.

“And I think he plays the game the same way, regardless of who he’s playing,” the 25-year-old shooting guard added.