Photo: Indiana Pacers/X

Indiana Pacers big man Jalen Smith thought the group had a difficult time creating quality offense during last night’s 128-116 home loss vs. the Orlando Magic.

(via Indiana Pacers):

“They was playing tough. They was hitting us. Every time we tried to make screens, they would just fly through them. They was pressing Ty [Haliburton] up. Obviously, everybody knows Ty’s our offense and our distributor. And once they took him out of pretty much most of the actions, we kind of got stagnant and we didn’t think for ourselves at that point. We was pretty much just worrying about what Ty was doing. And I feel as though that’s something that we got to improve on is obviously we know teams are going to take Ty out of a lot of actions because he’s Tyrese, and we just got to figure out how to play around that.”