Photo: Boston Celtics/Twitter

Celtics star Jaylen Brown openly admitted to harboring strong negative feelings towards his former teammate, Marcus Smart, who was traded to the Memphis Grizzlies this past offseason.

“I couldn’t stand Marcus at first… and I love him now… you grow and mature as young men and you learn things about people … But me and Marcus, we didn’t start off great. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Marcus when I first got to Boston,” Brown candidly shared, as reported by John Karalis.

When asked to elaborate on the reasons for his initial dislike of Smart, Brown responded, “A plethora of reasons. You name it.” However, he emphasized the transformative nature of their relationship over time.

Brown’s acknowledgment highlights the personal growth and maturity that can occur between teammates as they navigate the challenges of professional basketball.

Despite the rocky start, Brown came to recognize shared spirits with Smart, leading to a deepened appreciation for his former teammate.

Reflecting on the evolution of their dynamic, Brown concluded, “And if I was going to war with anybody, Marcus would be one of my first phone calls.”