In the wake of a notable performance where Nets guard Lonnie Walker IV scored 26 points off the bench, he reflects on areas for improvement, specifically recognizing the need to enhance his playmaking skills.

Despite his impressive scoring contribution in Brooklyn’s matchup against the Philadelphia 76ers, Walker expressed a desire to elevate his game beyond scoring.

“I think I need to start adding more of just the playmaking aspect,” Walker admitted, per Erik Slater, in the aftermath of the loss, emphasizing the importance of making better decisions on the court.

While his scoring prowess has been evident, Walker acknowledged instances where he could have opted for facilitating plays, opting for passes rather than shots.

He pointed out missed opportunities to involve teammates, indicating a commitment to broadening his playmaking abilities.

“I had a couple bad shots where I could’ve dropped it off to Nic [Claxton] or thrown corner passes and whatnot,” Walker said.

“So I think just broadening that aspect of playmaking rather than just trying to score first and understanding that they’re gonna be playing me a lot harder and my teammates are gonna be open.”

This season Walker is averaging 15.7 points, 2.9 rebounds and two assists in 21.6 minutes per game.