Photo: Chicago Bulls/Twitter

The NBA trade rumors are buzzing, and the Toronto Raptors are emerging as a potential contender for a major move as they express interest in Chicago Bulls’ star guard, Zach LaVine.

In the midst of trade talks, NBA insider Shams Charania revealed that, alongside the Lakers, Heat, and 76ers, the Raptors are poised to show interest in acquiring LaVine.

Charania discussed the potential move on The Rally, stating, “Masai Ujiri is always aggressive in his approach. And it would be interesting a team with Zach LaVine if you’re able to keep guys like Pascal Siakam, Scottie Barnes, O.G. Anunoby. But the Raptors are a team to watch in this as well.”

The looming key date for potential trades is mid-December, particularly December 15, when many players who signed contracts over the summer become eligible for trade consideration.

“But mid-December will be a key date, December 15 is the date that a lot of free agents that were signed over the summer are eligible to be traded. That includes D’Angelo Russell with the Lakers. Rui Hachimura, Austin Reaves will be eligible come January,” Charania said.

However, the allure of LaVine comes with the complexity of his significant contract, currently in the second year of a lucrative five-year, $215 million max deal, with a player option in the fifth year.

“Zach LaVine has a monster contract,” Charania said. “He’s in second year of a five-year, $215 million max deal. He also has a player option in year five. So in a lot of ways this is one of the best contracts for any player in the NBA.”

This season the 28-year-old player is averaging 22.6 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists in 35.6 minutes per game.