Seven-time NBA champion Robert Horry has voiced his support for Taurean Prince’s potential as a starter alongside Lakers’ key players, including LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Horry emphasized Prince’s exceptional three-point shooting performance during the preseason, highlighting his capability to complement the team’s offensive drive.

In a recent interview on Spectrum SportsNet, Horry underscored the significance of Prince’s role in providing a reliable option for driving teammates to pass the ball to, given the Lakers’ lineup, which includes dynamic players such as Austin Reaves and D’Angelo Russell.

Horry indicated that Prince’s consistent three-point shooting, coupled with his defensive prowess and energetic contributions, could be pivotal in building and maintaining leads for the team.

“I think when you look at the team that we have – [Austin Reaves], [D’Angelo Russell], LeBron [James] – all these guys can drive and you somebody to kick it to,” Horry said. “And you see Taurean Prince out there who’s been shooting extremely well from three during preseason. He’s that guy.

“Sometimes you maybe want that guy to come off the bench, but if he starts, that means you’re already going to build the lead. He’s shooting well and then other guys can bring a different type of energy…

“So if he can come out and give you that energy defensively and knock down the three on a consistent basis, that will be his spot.”