Photo: Phoenix Suns/Twitter

One-time NBA sensation Amar’e Stoudemire concluded his professional basketball career in Israel. Until 2023, he held a share in an Israeli club. Following an attack on Israel, he expressed unwavering support the next day.

In an Instagram post, Stoudemire vehemently criticized those endorsing Hamas – the group responsible for launching missiles into Israel on a Saturday morning – or those reluctant or silent in backing Israel.

“I woke up this morning with some disturbing news out of Israel that Hamas [are] kidnapping children, putting them in cages, killing women, killing the elderly. That’s some coward s**t. That’s cowardly. And for all y’all Black Live Matter [supporters] who ain’t saying nothing, [saying] ‘Let me figure out exactly what’s happening before saying anything’, f**k you,” he said passionately.

“Figure out what? It ain’t never been cool to kidnap kids and put them in cages, ain’t never been cool to kill women and [the] elderly. Never been, no matter where you’re from, what you represent, or trying to be. Don’t matter. They never been no cool,” he continued.

Stoudemire specifically called out individuals who find it challenging to take a stance or choose silence in the face of human suffering.

“And then you go on high and put the kids in front of you as a barricade. That’s some coward shit. All you politicians who always have to say something on the contrary, I see you, f**k you. All you Black Lives Matter people who always have something to say and always support everything else and are quiet now, f**k you too,” Amar’e said.

“Only place in the world where I can go tour, study, and eat cultured food. Only place in the world,” he said about Israel. “Some coward s**t dawg… If y’all support it, f**k you. Me and my momma, we don’t respect none of y’all for that. Peace.”