Photo: Memphis Grizzlies/Twitter

Marcus Smart wore a grin from ear to ear during his inaugural media day with the Memphis Grizzlies. Expressing that he’s settling in well, Smart mentioned that he’s already embracing a leadership position within his newfound team.

“It’s been great,” Smart said. “As they told you already, I’ve been talking defense in there with those guys, but you realize right away that this is a group of guys that are hungry. They want to win and are trying to get better. They’re asking me questions; we’re laughing and joking, but we’re excited.”

Smart is set to bear a significant load in Memphis, particularly with Ja Morant sidelined for the initial 25 games due to suspension.

Smart affirmed his readiness to shoulder the leadership responsibilities for the Grizzlies, emphasizing his commitment to approaching the role with the same qualities that have defined him throughout his career.

“Just continue to be me. I’ve never been fake, and anyone who knows me understands that,” he said. “By doing that, it allows that genuineness to come out. Figuring out the balance and everything else will work itself out.”