Photo: Portland Trail Blazers/Twitter

Portland Trail Blazers 2023 #3 pick Scoot Henderson has his sights set on greatness heading into 2023-24.

(via Portland Trail Blazers):

Reporter: “You’re about to be in a fraternity of players that’s entirely small in the history of the NBA: You’re a rookie teenage point guard. There’s only been three guys that have ever averaged 15 & 5 or better in Kyrie [Irving], LaMelo Ball, and Stephon Marbury. How do you find yourself being able to not just find your way in the NBA, but be productive on the floor in the box score where you’re in that kind of category of player or better?”

Henderson: “That was a great question. I think in that order, I just go out there and do what I do best. I don’t try to do things that I’m alright at; I go out and do things that I know I’m great at. And that’s getting downhill, that’s spreading the love, that’s hitting the open shots, and then creating my own as well. But like you said, I’m not trying to be just a guard; I’m trying to be one of the premier guards. So that comes with the work, and that comes with me just going out there and making sure I’m comfortable how I’m playing, making sure I’m comfortable with the sets we’re running or whatever. But I think our pace this year, you won’t see too many set plays the way that we’re playing.”