Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

Golden State Warriors GM Mike Dunleavy Jr. recently said that Klay Thompson had a very productive off-season.

(via Golden State Warriors):

Reporter: “Klay last off-season kinda talked about the mental hurdle that he was facing, where he wasn’t playing pickup, etc., and now we know this off-season we’ve seen him in some of these workout videos doing pickup. From your perspective, player wise, and in your role now, how important is it to see him get those reps, be back in pickup, mentally as well?”

Dunleavy: “It’s huge. I haven’t been there myself. As you get older, the off-seasons become even more important. You gotta find a way to keep yourself in shape, in the mix, so when training camp comes around, you’re ready to go. I think for Klay, it’s been tough the last few years with his injuries. He’s doing a lot of rehab, and you get to the point where it’s like, ‘All right, I’m sure he got through our championship season.’ And it was in some ways like a reset and a letdown, and I think last summer was tough for him. But I think this summer, he’s been a totally different animal and really engaged on it, and like I said, in a great place right now to kick off the season.”