Photo: Toronto Raptors/Twitter

At this point in his career, Zeljko Obradovic, the highly accomplished European basketball coach, appears uninterested in pursuing an opportunity in the NBA.

He has shared his perspective on why certain NBA teams might lean towards hiring young European coaches, similar to Toronto’s decision to bring on Darko Rajakovic.

“I want to be clear and precise,” Obradovic said. “That stay there was fantastic for me. At one point I had a call from a manager inviting me for an interview. I didn’t understand that, I asked what an interview was, isn’t it given to journalists? This summer I also attended a seminar held by Sergio Scariolo together with Dummars.

“Before that, he was in the Toronto Raptors and I was interested in their decision to get Darko Rajaković as the head coach. I have a fantastic relationship with him, we talk a lot. They think that with a young coach, it will be much easier to develop young players.

“They believe that it will be much easier than with Scariolo, who strives for results. Do you think it is possible in the Euroleague and that the result is not the primary thing? I think not, everyone wants at least a place in the top eight.”