Photo: NBA TV/Twitter

In the video below, Dominique Wilkins, who co-hosted a live TV show alongside his colleague Bob Rathbun when Rathbun had a seizure last year, provided an update on Rathbun’s health, reporting that Rathbun is doing exceptionally well now.

Wilkins mentioned that Rathbun took a break from presenting a few games but has made significant improvements in his health.

In a recent interview with Vlad, Wilkins also talked about the widely popular documentary series, “The Last Dance,” which focuses on the Chicago Bulls.

Wilkins confessed that he hadn’t watched the series because nothing in it would surprise him, having had firsthand experience competing against Michael Jordan and the Bulls.

When questioned about recent comments made by Scottie Pippen regarding Michael Jordan, Wilkins came to Jordan’s defense.

He emphasized that although the Bulls had a talented roster, it wouldn’t have been possible without Michael Jordan’s leadership.

“When I hear him saying (that MJ didn’t win rings until he arrived)… I’m like, ‘What’s really going on with Scottie?’ (Because) Anybody who knows basketball is like, ‘You don’t win those rings without Jordan,’” Wilkins said.

“Sometimes, everybody wants to be the king, and everybody can’t. Like I said, whatever issue that he got going, the two got going, I mean (just the) ability to make some sense.”

Wilkins also shared his thoughts on the most skilled players he had ever faced, mentioning luminaries like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

To gain a deeper understanding, take a look at the video below.