Photo: NBA Draft/Twitter

Sacramento Kings rookie guard Colby Jones is coming into the season with a winning mentality.

(via Sacramento Kings):

Jonathan Bradley: “During your college career, you averaged 1.4 steals a game, you had five different games where you hit a career high 4 steals, and Monte McNair described you as a guy that can guard up and down the lineup. Why is it important to you to be known as an impact defender?”

Jones: “I feel like I kinda take pride in that. Really just being a winning player, I feel like I take pride in that the most, and you can’t be a winning player if you don’t play both sides of the ball. So I try to do the best of my ability on both sides.”

Jonathan Bradley: “And you mentioned the both sides, again, you put up impressive numbers offensively, finishing in the top ten in the Big East in points, assists, and field goal percentage. Just talk about your versatility, and why you think that’s important?”

Jones: “Really just trying to do whatever it takes to win. I feel like winning is the most important thing for me, and I feel like my game kinda plays that way, just trying to do a little bit of everything just to impact winning and impact the game.”