Photo: NBA Brasil/Twitter

Memphis Grizzlies head coach Taylor Jenkins discussed sophomore Vince Williams Jr. before 2023 summer league.

(via Memphis Grizzlies):

“This is gonna be an awesome opportunity for him. Rookie season, a little up and down when it came to navigating a couple of injuries here, not a lot of opportunities with the Grizzlies. But when he did get his opportunities with the Hustle, you really saw some growth in his aggressiveness, playing an efficient style, playing off the second side, playing off the go and catches, having some good finishing opportunities to grow in those areas. And obviously, the shot making is something that jumped out to us when he was coming out of college, versatility as a playmaker on offense, versatility defensively, guarding on ball, guarding guys in pick and rolls, but especially guys coming off of screens. So we’re gonna challenge him here in summer league to really showcase that.

“He’s put a lot of work in the last few couple of months since the season ended, really working on his playmaking package, ball handling ability, but also just that confidence from that three-point line, and his health is the biggest thing now. He’s had an opportunity the last couple of months to be healthy, put in the work. Now he gets the five on five opportunity, get to see him grow a lot on both sides of the floor.”