Photo: YouTube screenshot

As the dust settles from Shannon Sharpe’s departure from his former show Undisputed, intriguing possibilities emerge about his next career move.

Speculations have been rife that Sharpe could potentially team up with Stephen A. Smith on ESPN’s First Take. The notion of this dynamic duo has already garnered attention, including a noteworthy comment from former NBA star Tracy McGrady.

In an engaging conversation with Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson on the Scoop B Radio Podcast, McGrady expressed his intrigue, stating, “I would [pay money to see it]! But for how long though?

“I think that it would get too repetitive so, I don’t know because they’ll be talking about just sports, right? Whereas Shannon Sharpe is well-versed. Shannon Sharpe can talk about a multitude of topics, not just sports.”

Shannon Sharpe, the former NFL star, left a void on Undisputed alongside co-host Skip Bayless. Now that he’s unattached and available, the anticipation of his next career move continues to fuel discussions across sports networks.