On day two of the Akropolis Tournament, Lithuania faced off against Netherlands and Greece went up against bitter rivals Turkey.

Lithuania met no difficulties against the Netherlands since they got the upper hand early on, 26-18 after 10′. Same pace until the end of the half with Kuzminskas leading the way offensively, 50-34. The Netherlands tried to reduce the lead but it was clear that the Lithuanian team was stronger and pretty focused reaching the 30′ mark on top 73-53. The closing period did not offer much and the game concluded wit the typically home team getting their first win for the tournament 94-72. Kuzminskas added 18 and was the MVP of the game.

Over 12.000 fans made their presence known for the game between Greece and Turkey, boosting their team to a great starting period 29-19. Offensively Greece was unstoppable in the beginning but soon they lost their pace and allowed Turkey to close the half trailing by 2, 37-35. The visitors not only stayed close but they overtook Greece after the restart but it did not last long because the Greeks had Antetokounmpo in good shape to help them overtake 48-44 after 30′. Coach Attaman’s team did not give up and stayed very close until the end but their poor offense punished them and did not let them get the win. 62-58 was the final score with Printezis scoring 11, while Giannis added 10 with 9 rebounds and 6 assists. For Turkey, Ilyasova shined agian with 12 points and 11 boards.