Photo: Washington Wizards/Twitter

Here’s Gilbert Arenas breaking down how much Bradley Beal and the 2020-21 Washington Wizards loved Russell Westbrook:

(via Gil’s Arena):

“Beal was telling us when he was in Washington when the trade happened, he said, ‘I’m worried. The perception of Westbrook. Who he is. How he sounds.’ So he said when Westbrook came to the locker room into the gym, ‘We were playing, right.’ He said, ‘We were going up and down; Westbrook’s watching.’ (Russ’s voice now) ‘Hold on! Hold on, y’all! Hold on!’ He pointed to me (imitating Beal), he said, ‘Y’all know who the f*** that is? Huh? Do y’all know who that is right there? Bradley MFing Beal right there! All Star! All NBA player! Best player on this team! Y’all went up seven times; he ain’t get the ball! Who the f*** do y’all think y’all are? That’s Bradley f****** Beal right there! He’s supposed to get the ball all seven times; and he gon’ give it to y’all! Ain’t no damn way y’all go up seven, not even two times; without that man touching it.’

“Bradley Beal sitting there like, ‘I think I like this man.’ He said, ‘No one’s ever said that s***, man.’ He said, ‘Man, I loved Westbrook. I’m mad he left.’ But it’s crazy how the perception of it; Washington was mad he left. They were mad, like, ‘Yo, Westbrook. Don’t go over there. Don’t go over there. Grass ain’t greener over there. Don’t go over there. Just stay over here. We want you over here.’ It’s just crazy though; the perception that’s put out there versus what the players say.”