In the aftermath of the Celtics’ unexpected trade that sent Marcus Smart to the Grizzlies, Jaylen Brown, the star player of the team, expressed his heartfelt emotions regarding his dear friend’s departure.

Speaking about Smart, Brown acknowledged their strong bond both on and off the court, highlighting the valuable lessons he learned from their journey together.

“My brother, my teammate, one of my best friends is not on the team anymore. Marcus has been somebody that we butted heads at times, we fought, we did it all, put each other in headlocks, etc.,” Brown stated candidly. “This journey won’t feel the same without him to be honest. But it’s a part of life, it’s a part of what you do going forward.

The departure of Smart, a longtime Celtic and respected point guard, marks a significant change for the team. Brown expressed gratitude for the impact Smart had on the organization and the community, emphasizing that his legacy will continue to be felt even in his absence.

“Everything that he’s instilled into this organization, everything he’s bestowed into this community is still going to be with us, still carry it with us. So we’re gonna wish him well on his new journey. The city of Boston is going to feel the loss of his impact when he’s no longer here. But we’ll be able to keep moving forward

With Brown’s own future solidified through a groundbreaking five-year, $304 million supermax contract extension, the Celtics will undoubtedly look to the star player to lead the team forward. As the team navigates through this transitional phase, Brown’s sentiments reflect the camaraderie and connection that define the spirit of the Celtics.