Photo: YouTube screenshot

Outspoken NBA legend Charles Barkley received backlash for his recent rant in which he slammed people who boycotted Bud Light for using biological male Dylan Mulvaney dressed like a woman for their commercial.

“I ain’t worried about getting canceled because let me tell you something, if y’all fire me and give me all that money, I’m going to be playing golf every f****** day. So listen, as I said last night, if you’re gay, God bless you. If you’re trans, God bless you. And if you have a problem with them, f*** you,” a drunk-looking Barkley said, via Legion Hoops.

Jonathan Isaac, the only NBA player who has openly spoken about supporting conservative values, also reacted to Barkley’s rant. The Orlando Magic power forward that it is normal for parents to be concerned with the influence that is put on their children. Isaac also pointed out, that contrary to what the Hall of Famer said, his speech would not get him cancelled.

“What does this even mean? No one with human decency want trans or gay people dead or without rights.. God bless them all.. but it’s 1000% valid as a parent or adult to be concerned about the observable movement to influence children. Is that hateful? It’s insane that In order to be the primary influence on your children you have to go to war against influencers, the media, movies, multi million and billion dollar corporations, and good people like Charles who choose to fall in line with empty politically correct statements and narratives. Nothings Charles said would get him cancelled and it’s wild that he thinks it would,” Isaac tweeted.

While on many basketball-related occasions Barkley causes controversies by speaking against the mainstream narratives, in this case his speech is in full alignment with the mainstream corporate views.