Photo: Miami Heat/Twitter

As the Heat continues to make waves in the NBA playoffs, several players have experienced a surge in their Instagram following, driven by their outstanding performances on the court.

Caleb Martin, Gabe Vincent, and Max Strus have all seen substantial growth in their Instagram followers over the past month (May 15 – June 5). Caleb Martin has gained an impressive 232K new followers, marking a remarkable 97% increase. Gabe Vincent has added 20K new followers, representing a 25% growth, while Max Strus has garnered an additional 22K followers, equating to an 18% increase.

These players’ remarkable performances and contributions to the Heat’s playoff success have not only caught the attention of basketball enthusiasts but also ignited the interest of social media users. Their captivating performances on the court have translated into a surge of followers, as fans eagerly follow their journey through the playoffs.

Currently battling against the Denver Nuggets in the NBA Finals, the Heat, as the 8-seed, are defying expectations and putting on an impressive display. With the series tied at 1-1, the next two games will be played on the Heat’s home court, providing an exciting opportunity for these players to continue their stellar performances and further engage their growing Instagram following.