Robert Horry had arguably the most unique and successful careers as a non-star player in NBA history. Winning seven league titles, he managed to share the court with some of the all-time greats, mostly big guys like Hakeem Olajuwon, Shaquille O’Neal and Tim Duncan.

But when he was asked to choose between the trio in his recent appearance in All the Smoke, Horry didn’t hesitate to pick Olajuwon.

“Dream’s number one by far,” Horry said comparing Olajuwon to both O’Neal and Duncan. “ … If you look at what he put together. …  His body of work was just incredible.”

Horry managed to play with Olajuwon for four seasons, and he fully saw the center’s brilliance upon his leadership to the Houston Rockets which resulted in back-to-back reigns for 1994 and 1995.

Horry argued that Olajuwon is a sleeper great given his quiet demeanor.

“Nobody likes to talk about it. I think you have these guys who are quiet. Think about it. Dream [Olajuwon], you know, he’s a really quiet guy, you can’t get him to do much, to say much, so we kind of veer away from him.

“We don’t talk about him.”

The full words and praise of Horry to Olajuwon can be watched below: