Photo: Chicago Bulls/Twitter

In a recent episode of Paul George’s podcast, DeMar DeRozan shared an amusing story from his past involving hip-hop icon Master P.

Before his NBA career made him a self-made millionaire, DeRozan had to find creative ways to make ends meet. During a party hosted by Master P, DeRozan decided to charge guests $5 each to enter, despite the event being advertised as free.

DeRozan reminisced (via ClutchPoints), “I was charging people at the door $5 to get in. It was a free party… I collected like $450… [Master P] found out and that man went nuts the next day.”

The story highlights DeRozan’s resourcefulness and entrepreneurial spirit before his rise to NBA stardom. It’s a lighthearted anecdote that showcases the player’s charisma and ability to make the most of any situation, even if it involves making hip-hop legends like Master P go a little nuts.