Tyler Herro scored 14 of his 19 points in the fourth quarter, helping the Heat defeat the Pistons (112-100).

With 3:20 on the clock and the score tied at 98, the 23-year-old scored 12 points for Miami as provided a much needed boost to his team.

It was not the first time when Herro made clutch plays and Heat head coach Eric Spoelstra said after the game that the plan for his team should be to always go to the point guard in final moments of games and quarters.

“I’m just going to write ‘4th quarter’ on every notepad ‘to Tyler’ and ‘every other quarter’ because he has that clutch gene,” Spoelstra said. “He really does.

“It doesn’t matter what’s happening during the course of the game. He’s a killer down the stretch. He loves those moments, he lives for those moments, he’ll knock some really tough shots down in those moments. And that gave us that extra cushion to take it to 10, those big shots that he hit.”

This season Herro is averaging 20.2 points, 5.7 rebounds and 4.3 assists in 35.3 minutes per game.