Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

Research from dives into historical revenue data between 2008-2022 (where applicable) from each team in the NBA, to project the highest earning teams by 2030.

The Golden State Warriors rank 1st, with a projected 2030 yearly revenue of $628 million – a 143% jump from their current revenue.

Across the NBA, the average team is projected to increase by 74% – around $159 million.

The table below is in order of projected 2030 revenues:

#TeamCurrent Revenue ($m)Projected 2030 Revenue ($m)Numerical Change ($m)% Change
1Golden State Warriors$258$628$370143%
2New York Knicks$298$507$20970%
3Los Angeles Lakers$316$501$18559%
4Philadelphia 76ers$236$433$19784%
5Houston Rockets$223$406$18382%
6Dallas Mavericks$231$404$17375%
7Utah Jazz$262$400$13853%
8Milwaukee Bucks$212$395$18386%
9Los Angeles Clippers$219$391$17279%
10Toronto Raptors$194$377$18394%
11Cleveland Cavaliers$211$376$16578%
12Sacramento Kings$192$376$18496%
13Brooklyn Nets$212$370$15875%
14Washington Wizards$213$368$15573%
15Boston Celtics$211$366$15573%
16Portland Trail Blazers$201$348$14773%
17Chicago Bulls$213$347$13463%
18Miami Heat$218$345$12758%
19San Antonio Spurs$205$343$13868%
20Atlanta Hawks$199$338$13970%
21Minnesota Timberwolves$199$332$13367%
22Phoenix Suns$206$324$11857%
23Charlotte Hornets$183$318$13574%
24Denver Nuggets$185$318$13372%
25Detroit Pistons$192$316$12464%
26Indiana Pacers$179$313$13475%
27Oklahoma City Thunder$183$311$12870%
28Memphis Grizzlies$186$305$11964%
29New Orleans Pelicans$181$302$12167%
30Orlando Magic$188$302$11460%