Photo: Noah Graham/Getty Images

Following last night’s 120-114 road win vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr spoke about the production of two-way players Ty Jerome & Anthony Lamb.

(via Let’s Go Warriors):

Reporter: “Ty Jerome’s three, I think it was 114-110, something like that, and he hits a late clock fadeaway three. Was that kinda like the biggest shot of the game?”

Kerr: “I thought that was the shot of the game. I think it was a four-point game at that point, it bumped it to seven, and we didn’t have anything going in that possession. Ty’s amazing. I know he’s a two-way player, but this guy, 22 points, 8 assists, one turnover in 41 minutes. He’ll probably be inactive next game, which makes no sense, but we have to. I’m just speculating, but we’re trying to keep his games and Anthony Lamb’s games down in order to be able to get through the end of the season, but this is why your two-ways are so important. We nailed both two-ways. Both two-ways are legit NBA players who have helped us win a lot of games.”