Photo: Adam Pantozzi/Getty Images

Following Tuesday’s 120-110 home loss vs. the Philadelphia 76ers, Los Angeles Clippers small forward Kawhi Leonard talked about what the team needs to improve on (2-8 in last ten games).

(via Hoops & Brews – HNB Media TV):

Reporter: “Do you feel urgency to make a big push as you get closer to the second half of the season and make that playoff push and try to rise in the Western Conference?”

Leonard: “Yeah, for sure. It starts every game. We gotta come in and win these games, and be focused enough to execute and stay strong with each other. The things you do to win a basketball game, we gotta get the defensive rebounds, we gotta make shots, we can’t give the other team the ball, we gotta get back in transition. Those things are hurting us right now.”

Reporter: “How close is this team to where you think it can be?”

Leonard: “We got a lot to improve still. Like I said, on the things I just named. Once we do that consistently, we’ll see where we are.”