Nets head coach Jacque Vaughn is not waiting to call a timeout if his players make defensive mistakes. Kevin Durant says it’s beneficial for the team.

“Just lock back in,” KD said about what the message was during the quick timeouts. “We understand we made a mistake, but to have your coach come back and everybody on the bench and the coaching staff reiterate what happened and we were watching on the tablet and see it’s always beneficial for us.

“I love when he does that. That just keeps us on point, keeps the coaching staff everybody on point, the arena on point, just knowing that we’re trying to win this game I like the sense of urgency and Jacque’s been doing that since he became a coach.

“I was about to say he does it, he’s been doing it less, but it fees like the last couple of games he’s been calling them quick timeouts. We don’t want to have him do that going forward. We want to try to play through that stuff, but I appreciate that as a player.”

Brooklyn is currently on a seven-game winning streak. Most recently they crushed the Warriors (143-113).