The Pelicans recorded their sixth straight win by taking down the Suns (128-117). With 5 seconds left to play in the game and New Orleans leading 126-117, Phoenix got a rebound.

It was clear that the Pelicans won the game, so the Suns players did not even attempt to defend. In such situations the winning team just runs the clock out.

However, Zion Williamson, who was passed the ball, ran to the opposing basket and slammed a 360 dunk. It’s generally considered a bad sportsmanship to score when your opponent has surrendered.

According to Zion, the dunk came out as a sort of revenge for last year when the Suns eliminated the Pelicans in the first round of the playoffs.

“That was a little out of character for me,” Williamson said, per Andrew Lopez. “But you gotta understand it, maybe you won’t. They sent my teammates home last year. … but that was out of character for me. If they did the same thing, I wouldn’t have a problem with it.”