The Knicks were crushed at home by the Mavericks (121-100). The visitors dominated the third quarter, winning it by 26 points. Luka Doncic alone outscored the whole New York team in that period.

After the game Jalen Brunson, a former Maverick, defended head coach Tom Thibodeau, saying that the loss was on the players who were not battling on the court.

Via Stefan Bondy of New York Daily News:

“Coach Thibs has done a great job,” Brunson said. “He’s been able to put us in positions where we need to succeed. I think he knows where to put those puzzle pieces. It’s just on us to actually execute and do things. So it’s just — I know he’s going to get a lot of the blame, guys are going to get some of the blame. It’s on us. We’re the players out there not battling. It’s his job to put us in positions which he’s done.”

This season Brunson is averaging 21.3 points, 3.5 rebounds and 6.5 assists in 32.5 minutes per game. The Knicks are 10-13 and are sitting in the 11th place in the Eastern Conference.