Patrick Williams, LeBron James
Photo: Chicago Bulls/Twitter

Bulls’ forward Patrick Williams, the fourth overall pick of the 2020 NBA Draft, is confident he has what it takes to become a superstar in the NBA.

The 21-year-old players revealed that he always thought he could be a good player in the league, but as the time goes on he is starting to feel he can be on another level.

Via K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports:

“I told you I was going to figure it out. I think I’m still figuring it out. But I’m 100 percent locked in on being the player that I want to be,” Patrick Williams said following Sunday’s practice at the Advocate Center. “I always felt I had what it took to be a really good player in this league. But now I’m starting to feel like I have what it takes to be a star and a superstar in this league. I’m kind of trying to take that role on and build on it day-by-day.”

This season Williams is averaging 9.8 points and 4 rebounds in 25.9 minutes per game for Chicago.