With the Euroleague Final Four in progress, we felt it necessary to rest the Gossip column, but it’s back with a bang.

The Western Conference Finals begin in the early hours of tomorrow with the Eastern Finals to follow, but for the teams that have had completed their seasons, the road to next October starts.


Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Ricky Rubio has been reportedly thinking about a trade, even when he signed a new four-year extension on his contract, worth $55million.

In a column for NBA Insider, Chad Ford wrote that if the Timberwolves will select Emmanuel Mudiay, then they may consider the idea of trading Rubio.

Hower, according to Darren Wolfson of 5 Eyewitness News, these trade requests aren’t so strong anymore after the point-guard signed the extension.

Wolfson adds that Saunders budged on $55M because he knew he could trade the contract if ever need be.


Kentucky coach John Calipari will not be the latest NCAA coach to make the NBA move, after turning down the vacant New Orleans Pelicans job and opting to stay at the Wildcats.

Via his Facebook page, Calipari said: “Even though Anthony and Tyreke are in New Orleans, I have no interest in coaching the Pelicans or any other coaching position. I have a great job and I’m happy at Kentucky.”