Jordan Poole (3) checks on Draymond Green (23) after he was fouled and fell to court in the second half as the Golden State Warriors played the Phoenix Suns at Chase Center in San Francisco, Calif., on Wednesday, March 30, 2022.

There have been tensions between two Warriors players even before the season has started. Draymond Green and Jordan Poole had a heated exchange and had to be separated by their teammates.

It was later reported that Poole’s attitude has changed since last year and that was part of the reason that led to the altercation. According to Steph Curry, those rumors are false.

“There was a specific tweet that was put out yesterday insinuating that JP’s attitude or something has changed since he’s been in this training camp or whatever time that they’re talking about, it’s absolute BS,” Curry said. “Andre [Iguodala] addressed it yesterday with his tweet. You can leave it at that.

“JP’s been great. There’s nothing that warranted the situation yesterday. I want to make that clear. It’s also something we feel like won’t derail our season and what we’re trying to build and that’s with Draymond as a part of that.

“The rest of it, horrible when speculation becomes opinion and turns into borderline fact of what actually happened. I hated that it became part of the narrative which is not fair to JP.”